Greetings from the Chairman
A company that hopes to change the world, a company with a new dream, a dream based on love for mankind and nature. Herald’s objective is to build upon the values of ‘Re-imagine’ to become a content and sustainability-focused business group with an annual revenue of 1 trillion won by 2023.

In the field of traditional media, The Korea Herald and The Herald Business will be transformed into online and mobile publications. The company’s education business that includes the country’s largest network of English villages will as focus on online and mobile platforms.

For the group’s sustainable business operations, Organica aims to become Asia’s leading provider of premium natural foods.

Through the #SaveEarth campaign conducted in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Organica’s #EatClean campaign and #ShareWisdom campaign headed by Olje, Herald Philharmonic and Herald Artday, Herald will continue to put into action the belief that the soul of a company lies not in its profit but its values.

I ask for your continued support for Herald as we evolve and build the future in the spirit of ‘Re-imagine!’

Chairman Jungwook Hong
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