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미디어 격변기입니다.

We live in an era of media revolution.

The revolutionary battlefield is the platform and the weapons are the devices, changing in tune with the advance in information technology, including the Internet, mobile phones, tablet PC and IPTV. Our readers now have more options to choose from. So, in order to prevail, we must deliver the content they demand better than everyone else.

With this in mind, The Korea Herald and The Herald Business will meet and exceed readers' expectations by publishing a "visually attractive but insightful paper". Amidst a constant flow of information, we will differentiate ourselves from rival companies by showcasing bold editing and eye-catching info graphics along with in-depth investigative reports and news analyses. We will also provide more specialized information through our range of online news media sources Herald Saeng Saeng (Fresh) News; The Junior Herald, the high-end English paper for preteens and teens aged 10 to 16; and the women's and lifestyle channel Dong-A TV, an affiliate.

Commemorating the 60th anniversary in 2013, Herald Corporation is accelerating its drive to expand business to include a "Life: Lifestyle & Environment" component in addition to "Media: Information & Knowledge".
It is truly an extraordinary move and a big challenge for a media company. But we will meet all challenges and continue to focus on innovation. Please keep watching for all of our exciting advances. Thank you.

Lee Young-man, CEO