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Introduction of Symbol

Herald Corporation's symbol embodies the letter "H," the first letter in Herald. The two pillars symbolize the two main businesses, namely "Media & Life." The four stripes represent Information & Knowledge in the Media arena and Life Lifestyle & Environment in the Life arena. Lines spreading out upward and downward symbolize a strong will to achieve unlimited growth.

Introduction of Watermark

Herald Corporation's watermark has been developed to assure credibility, attentiveness and professionalism of a media organization. By adopting a gothic font, the watermark gives a sense of credibility and displays the professional and proactive spirit of Herald Corporation.

Introduction of Color System

Herald's main colors are blue and white. Blue traditionally symbolizes faith and trust, while the bright blue reflects youth and vigor, as well as our dynamic "Re-imagine!" mindset. White stands for Herald's fresh, pure, affable and environmentally-friendly image, as we seek to become a 'media & life' brand at the center of the 21st century lifestyle.

  • [Symbol]
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  • [Logotype]
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