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With "Re-imagine!" as our core value, Herald hopes to take off as a humanistic and environmentally conscious brand, using our expansive media network to achieve a meaningful, lasting presence in the daily lives of people.

ORGANICA | http://www.organica.kr
Premiun whole food designer

Organica Premium Whole Foods is a premium whole food designer that offers eco-friendly, healthy, and natural food. With the belief that good food creates a better world, Organica Premium Whole Foods supplies foods that retain the flavor and nutrition of nature. Organica Premium Whole Foods, which has launched the Just Juice range of 100 percent organic, fresh fruit juice drinks and the country's first cleanse store, recently took over Korea's largest eco-friendly grain company, Cheonbo Natural Food, enabling us to provide an even more diverse range of whole foods.

Herald Ecochem

Herald Ecochem | http://www.heraldecochem.co.kr
A company that manufactures various eco-friendly products

Herald Ecochem, established in May 2012, is an environmentally conscious company that manufactures plastic materials for food, electronics, and other products. Through active investments in R&D, Herald Ecochem aspires to become the leader in high value films, including contractile film, special protection film, sun ray protecting film, and circuit board film within the next five years.

Herald Artday

Herald Artday | http://www.artday.co.kr
The leading online art auction in korea

Herald Art Day, which has become Korea's leading online art auction in just one year, is a fine arts company that takes "All about Art!" as its slogan. Herald Art Day Mobile Art Exhibit Guide has been downloaded over 500,000 times. Herald Art Day allows us to bring art to the public through hosting fair online auctions and providing credible mobile content.