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The year 1953:
Korea's first English newspaper, Korean Republic (now The Korea Herald), first took root at a time when the air was still thick with gun smoke from the Korean War. It was the Herald's first step in announcing the resurrection of the Republic of Korea.
The year 2013:
Celebrating Herald Corporation's 60th anniversary, we have published "Herald's History," a vivid record of the company's past 60 years.
It is the history of the Herald's challenges and transformations. We will continue to evolve, imagining and seeking new challenges under the vision "Re-imagine!"
Thank you for your continued love and support.

  • Oct. 2013
    • Herald DreamBig is launched
  • Oct. 2013
    • DongaTV is re-launched as BEYOND DONGA.
  • Oct. 2013
    • ORGANICA’s premium brand ‘Season to Season’ is launched.
  • Oct. 2013
    • Online magazine ‘HERALD MAGAZINE’(SUPERICH, REAL FOODS) is launched
  • Oct. 2013
    • The company acquires Cheonbo Natural Food Inc.
      ORGANICA Inc. is established
  • Oct. 2013
    • The company celebrates its 60th anniversary
  • Sep. 2013
    • The company publishes history book of 60 years
  • Aug. 2012
    • The Company is renamed Herald Corporation and announces new vision of "Re-imagine!
      Life beyond Media", Herald CI
  • July. 2012
    • Consigned operation of Pyeongtaek English Village
  • May. 2012
    • Herald Ecochem Inc. is established
  • April. 2012
    • Lee Young-man takes office as CEO-publisher
  • Mar. 2011
    • Yoo Byung-chang takes office as CEO-publisher
  • Dec. 2010
    • The Internet broadcast "Herald News 24" is launched
  • Sep. 2010
    • Herald Artday Inc. is established. Herald Professional Inc. is renamed Herald Edu Inc
  • July. 2010
    • A smartphone application for The Herald Business and The Korea Herald is launched
  • April. 2010
    • The next generation IT system is launched
  • Mar. 2010
    • The company wins the contract for Seoul City's foreign press promotion project,
      and the foreign language-based Daegu city website integration, renovation,
      and maintenance project
  • July. 2009
    • English Villages in Geoje Island and Busan open
  • Mar. 2008
    • The Gangjin English Village opens in Gangjin, South Jeolla Province
  • Feb. 2008
    • Park Haeng-hwan takes office as CEO-publisher
  • Oct. 2007
    • Jungwook Hong is appointed as the Chairman of the Company,
      The company takes over Donga TV
  • May. 2007
    • The magazine "Spirit of the Times" is published
  • Dec. 2006
    • The Mokpo English Village is opened in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province
  • Sept. 2006
    • Herald Publishing Center is established. The Ansan English Village is opened in Ansan,
      Gyeonggi Province
  • Mar. 2006
    • Campus Herald, a weekly magazine for college students, is launched
  • July. 2005
    • Transfer of Gwanghwamun building(1-17, Jeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul), Korea Herald Business,
      a U.S. edition of The Herald Business, is launched in Los Angeles
  • Dec. 2004
    • The Seoul English Village is opened in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu
  • Sep. 2004
    • The newspaper distribution system is revamped for the first time among domestic media
      companies to the direct distribution system
  • Aug. 2004
    • Gyeonggi, the official magazine of the Government of Gyeonggi Province, is launched
  • May. 2004
    • The Junior Herald, an English-language newspaper for preteens, is launched
  • July. 2003
    • Herald China Inc. is established
  • June. 2003
    • Digital Herald Inc. is established and Korea Herald Premier Service is launched
  • May. 2003
    • The Korea Herald and The Naeway Economic Daily Inc. is renamed Herald Media Inc.
      and announces vision of "run the press as a company, differentiate the press,
      internationalize the press", The Naeway Economic Daily is renamed The Herald Business
  • Dec. 2002
    • HMX takes over the Company, Jungwook Hong is appointed as the 20th CEO of the Company
  • Sept. 2002
    • The Company publishes the official English-language newsletter of the 14th Asian Games in Busan
  • Sep. 2001
    • The Company publishes the official English-language newsletter of the 2002 World Cup in Korea
  • Aug. 2000
    • The Korea Herald begins to publish 20 pages daily
  • July. 2000
    • Herald Academy Inc. is established. The first Herald School, a franchised English
      education center for children, opens
  • Mar. 2000
    • The Naeway Economic Daily begins to publish 28 pages daily