Core Values
Under the corporate philosophy of 'love for human and nature', Herald Corporation is conducting three campaigns.
Herald believes that the soul of a company lies not in profits but in values. Based on the love for mankind, the company is committed to protecting nature, fostering healthy eating and sharing culture and knowledge. The corporate culture of Herald is rooted in the belief that a riskless dream is not a worthy dream. With this belief, the company strives to establish a corporate culture that takes on disruptive transformations and opens new frontiers. As the first media company to gain Best Family Friendly Management certification from the government, respect for mankind is a key element in making decisions big and small. Herald is committed to businesses that can make the world a better place. Content and sustainable products are the two pillars of Herald as we drive to achieve annual revenue of 1 trillion won by 2023.
  • #SaveEarth
    Herald aims to protect the environment and the ecosystem. Herald has become a sponsor of WWF-Korea as the first media company in Korea to protect endangered species and to raise public awareness of conservation. The company was also the first to use eco-friendly material for newspaper packaging. All employees were given Organica reusable cups to help cut down paper cup usage, which amounts to 15 billion (equivalent to 15 million trees) each year. Biota has developed biodegradable film as part of its efforts to promote the use of eco-friendly materials.
  • #EatClean
    Herald promotes and sponsors healthy eating habits and sustainable farming. The company believes that the soul of the company lies not in profits but in values. Based on this belief, Organica produces nutritious and healthy organic products and tries its best to purchase the raw materials from local farms. The natural food news Real Foods focuses on increasing public awareness on healthy eating, organic farming, and sustainability. Christine Cho, Organica’s chief of product development, writes vegetarian recipes to encourage vegetarian eating. In addition, the company will soon launch the ‘HappyTogether’ campaign, building partnerships with organic farms.
  • #ShareWisdom
    Herald supports and promotes the sharing of culture and knowledge through this campaign. The company sponsors Olje, a non-profit organization that conducts knowledge-sharing projects with youths and the underprivileged. The Herald Philharmonic Orchestra is working to popularize classical music, while cultural events such as the Herald Design Forum are organized by the company. Herald Artday, for its part, has been holding exhibitions and online auctions to bring art closer to the public.