Herald is leading mobile content with two pillars -- The Herald Business and The Korea Herald. We are also growing into a unique media company through design, environment, education and art auction.
  • The Herald Business  
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    The Herald Business is a leading business daily in the mobile era. Seeking creative content based on original perspectives and specialty in economy, The Herald Business is pioneering to realize “mobile only” media with its distinguished video content.
  • The Korea Herald  
    The Korea Herald is the nation’s No. 1 English newspaper in both online and offline markets, distributing content to some 80 countries around the world. The Korea Herald looks to serve as a stepping stone to report Korea’s world top 10 economy and culture across the globe. We also aim to make a leap into becoming a global content platform through KPOP Herald and other media units.
  • Herald Design  
    With its motto “Design changes the world,” Herald Design has been inviting global leaders in design industry to hold Korea’s largest annual design forum since 2011. It maps out Herald’s future through content event business.
  • Herald Eco  
    Herald Eco is Herald’s environmental brand that brings together various perspectives and voices regarding environmental problems from all walks of life and leads actions to overcome the climate crisis. We want to take the lead in turning protecting the Earth into a culture that can be shared by many, rather than leaving it as just the calling of a few.
  • Herald Artday  
    As a multi-culture media company specializing in art auctions, exhibitions, conventions and promotions, Herald Artday is a cultural art icon that provides a platform where the public can easily enjoy art.
  • Herald Edu  
    Through experience-based education at English villages and newly-tapped online/mobile education growth, Herald Edu seeks to become an education brand befitting the digital age.
  • Busan Global Village  
    As Busan’s first school-type English learning space, Busan Global Village offers high-quality English learning opportunities through hands-on experiences.