“Herald Corporation is adopting a mobile-first strategy for its content business and investing in sustainable business to develop a secure growth momentum for the future.”
  • The Herald Business  
    The Herald Business is forging ahead with content and systems optimized for the mobile era. Since 2005, it has posted profits every year but The Herald Business continues to take on new challenges. A range of specialized news outlets such as Real Foods, Inspire and Vibe have been launched as part of The Herald Business’s ‘mobile only’ campaign. The future of The Herald Business as a mobile content producer has begun.
  • The Korea Herald  
    The Korea Herald is the nation’s largest English-language daily with a market share of more than 50 percent. As the country’s sole member of the Asia News Network, The Korea Herald is the face of Korean media. Building on its contents distribution network that spans more than 80 countries, The Korea Herald is now looking to become the leading voice on the Korean economy across the globe. The Korea Herald is continuing its efforts to grow as a mobile content producer through new services such as The Investor and Kpop Herald.
  • Herald Design  
    With its motto “Design changes the world,” Herald Design has been inviting global leaders in design industry to hold Korea’s largest design forum since 2011.
  • Herald Artday  
    Herald Design is an icon of Korea’s arts and culture market. The company specializes in arts auctions, exhibitions, convention and exhibition planning.
  • Herald Edu  
    Herald Edu seeks to establish itself as an education brand befitting the digital age, through English Villages’ experience-based education and online/mobile education programs.
  • Herald Academy  
    Herald Academy offers classes and textbooks including the Junior Herald, Herald School, Herald NIE, Herald System, HPE and Herald after-school English classes (public education) that focus on English news in education (ENIE).
  • Digital Herald  
    Digital Herald is an affiliate of Herald that offers English education, translation and interpretation services. The company also offers specialized services including English for MBA courses and global localization expert courses.
  • Busan Global Village  
    Busan Global Village is an English education facility that offers users a chance to experience the educational environments of various English-speaking countries.
  • Organica  
    Since 2013, Organica has been on the forefront of simultaneously preserving the environment and improving quality of life worldwide with natural, organic and whole (NOW) foods. Organica launched Korea's first cold-pressed cleanse juice, using state-of-the-art high-pressure-processing(HPP) sterilization. With its partners like Starbucks, Emart and GS25, the Company is introducing minimally processed, innovative fresh foods to the market. .
  • Green Kitchen
    Green Kitchen is Korea’s leading convenience food company, producing premade lunch foods such as triangle kimbap and sandwiches to major convenience store chains nationwide. Acquiring Damyeon in 2016, Green Kitchen aims to upgrade convenience foods from fast food to delicious and healthy fresh food, following Organica’s strict standards for producing natural and organic whole foods.