Herald is opening the future with a focus on content and sustainability.

Herald was founded in 1953 with its roots in media. Now, as a company that hopes to change the world, with a new dream based on love for mankind and nature, it is recreating itself as a business group providing content and sustainable products under its ‘Re-imagine’ vision.

In the field of content, Korea’s leading specialist papers The Korea Herald and The Herald Business have long been breaking out of the offline frame to adapt to the online and mobile environment. The company has also launched specialized media brands such as Real Foods, Inspire, Vibe, The Investor, and Kpop Herald to transform into a ‘mobile-only’ media company. Herald Edu focuses on online foreign language education, as well as developing specialized educational content that supports the development of talent, aptitude and character.

Herald has been making bold investments in sustainability since 2012, with the belief that the group’s future depends on its success. Its eco-friendly interests are spearheaded by Organica. Under the belief that ‘within nature lies cures for humanity,’ Organica provides natural, organic and whole foods. To become Asia’s leading provider of premium natural foods, the company achieved unparalleled growth since its launch.