2023Nov. Held Korea-Indonesia Economic Cooperation Forum 2023
May. Herald celebrates 70-year anniversary
hosts forum to mark 70 years of Korea-US alliance
2022Dec. Held Korea-Vietnam Economic Cooperation Forum 2022
Sep. Sejong Korea Herald International Academy(KHIA) opens
2021Oct. Held 1th Herald Global Business Forum
Jul. The Jeolla regional news bureau launched
Jun. Held 1th H.eco forum
Apr. Jeon Chang-hyeop appointed as CEO and publisher of Herald Corp.
Choi Jin-young appointed as CEO of The Korea Herald
2020Oct. Held 10th Herald Design Forum
Aug. Constructed Herald media studio
2019Jul. Jung Chang-sun appointed as Chairman of Herald Corp
Jun. Jungheung Group completed acquisition of 47.8 percent stake in Herald Corp.
2018Oct. Organica moved the office to Hannam-dong.
Feb. Completed sexual harassment prevention consulting.
2017Sept. Organica Day and Organica merge as Organica Inc.
Apr. Kwon Chung-won appointed as CEO of Herald
Jan. The Herald Business introduces artificial intelligence-written articles in Korean
2016Nov. Organica acquires convenience food company, Damyeon, and establishes Organica Kitchen Inc.
Sept. Herald begins to provide artificial intelligence-written articles in English for the first time in Korea
Aug. Herald fully adopts a cloud computing system
Jun. Online English business news outlet The Investor launched
2015Dec. Herald issued “Best Family-Friendly Management” by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
Dec. Organica Day acquires juice plant at Anseong, Gyeonggi Province, from CJ Cheil Jedang
Nov. Organica unveils a Cleanse Soup for the first time in Korea
Oct. Superich and HOOC launched as in-house venture
Mar. Organica Day completes Just Juice Production Center in Paju, Gyeonggi Province
Feb. Organica wins iF Design Award for “Season to Season” packaging design
Jan. The Singapore Environment Council certifies Biota with “Green Label” seal of approval
2014Oct. Corporate headquarters Herald Square completed
Aug. Organica Day Inc. established
Mar. Herald Philharmonic Orchestra founded
Mar. Superich and Real Foods launched
2013Oct. The Company acquires Cheonbo Natural Food Inc., establishes Organica Inc.
Aug. Herald celebrates 60-year anniversary
Aug. Just Juice Cleanse launched as Korea’s first juice cleanse
Apr. Seoul English Village Gwanak Camp opens
2012Oct. Herald Ecofarm, later part of Organica Day, launches Just Juice
Sept. Herald Ecofarm establishes research and development center
Aug. The company is renamed as Herald Corporation and announces new motto of "Re-imagine! Life beyond Media"
May. Herald Ecochem Inc., later renamed Biota, established
Apr. Lee Young-man appointed as CEO of Herald Media
2010Sept.Herald Artday Inc. established
2009Jul. Geoje English Village and Busan Global Village opened
2007Nov. Hong Jung-wook appointed as Chairman of Herald Media
2006Mar. Campus Herald launched
2005Aug. Corporate HQ moves to Jeongdong
July. Korea Herald Business launched in Los Angeles
2004Dec. Seoul English Village Pungnap Campus opened
May. The Junior Herald, an English-language newspaper for preteens, launched
2003Jun. Digital Herald Inc. established
May. The Naeway Economic Daily re-launched as The Herald Business
May. The company renamed as Herald Media Inc., and unveils motto of “Renaissance Media”
2002Dec. Hong Jung-wook appointed as the 20th CEO
2000Jul. Herald Academy Inc. established
1999Dec. The Naeway Economic Daily launches its website (www.heraldbiz.com)
Feb. The Korea Herald Translation Services established
1997May. The company publishes the official newspaper of the 2nd East Asian Games in Busan
Jan. The company publishes the official newspaper of the 18th Winter Universiade
1995Sept. The Korea Herald launches its website (www.koreaherald.com)
1994Aug. The company publishes the official newspaper of the 21st Universal Postal Congress
1993Jun. The Naeway Economic Daily becomes evening newspaper
1992Sept. The company publishes the official daily newsletter for Daejeon Expo
1989Jun. The Naeway Business Journal revived as The Naeway Economic Daily
Apr. The company renamed as The Korea Herald, The Naeway Economic Daily Inc.
1986Sept. The company publishes the official English-language newsletter of the 10th Asian Games
1982Apr. The daily international edition of The Korea Herald launched as an 8-page tabloid
1980Nov. The Naeway Business Journal ceases publication. The company renamed as The Korea Herald Inc.
1975Sep. The Korea Information Service disbanded. The company renamed as The Naeway Economic Daily, The Korea Herald Inc.
Mar. The Korea Herald adopts computerized typesetting system (CTS) for the first time in Korea
1973Dec. The Naeway Business Journal launched
1965Aug. The Korean Republic renamed as The Korea Herald
1963Jan. The company runs a biweekly for Korean expatriates
1962Jun. The Korea Information Service begins official gazette of the Korean government
Mar. International publication Weekly launched
Feb. The Korean Republic English Institute founded
1953Nov. Corporate HQ moves to Taepyeong-ro
Aug. The Korean Republic launched as a 4-page tabloid English-language daily
Aug. The Korea Information Service Inc. founded